5 Things I Learned Doing Stand Up

Don't let the one hate cancel out all of the oceans of love.  You put yourself out there in a public way, especially if you post the video on social media, so you're bound to get some hate.  But actually getting it is so shitty it makes you want to crawl into a hole and never do it again.  But I did get a lot of love, and that's been fantastic primarily cause you are connecting with others and that's really the reason for living.

What Does "Too Theatrical" Even Mean??

Describing an actor as being “too theatrical” means that the actor is not authentic, and any actor, whether they do plays or have never stepped foot on a stage, can be inauthentic.  I hate that the theatre stigma is bandied about so broadly and applied blindly to all theatre trained actors.

4 Things You Need To Know About Casting Directors

I've been a CD for 24 years now.  Jeff Greenberg (Frasier, Modern Family) gave me my big break and helped me achieve my dreams.   I've been in the inner sanctum known as Network TV (before Cable as we know it) and I've struggled to make ends meet working in New Media.  I truly have seen it all . . . and I'm here to tell you, we are human.

The Hustle

“What am I doing wrong?” “How can I get to the next level?” “Why did so-and-so get that role and not me?” I hear these statements constantly. It’s negative chatter and that needs to stop, otherwise, you will get so frustrated, you will become a miserable, sour person who annoys everyone around you.   (Take me as an example.  I’m a very strong casting director with 24 years under my belt who now works alongside the doyenne of casting in the southeast, Shay Griffin, but there is such a stronghold in this region by one casting company that gets nearly everything in this booming market, we are without a casting job and have been for months. Do I complain and wallow in my own self-pity?  Well, maybe for a few minutes . . but then I reinvent myself and my workshop/class offerings with all the many talents I have. I'm thriving in my new endeavors, and frankly, feel more authentic in what I do and how I touch people’s lives.)

The Unsung Heroes

Actors, stop complaining about not booking enough jobs, or worse, blaming your agent for it.   It's "tough" for everyone in the industry.  But we do it because we love it.  So go out there and be in a play or create your own content or be in an improv show.  But keep an optimistic, enthusiastic outlook, and you'll be fine.

Make Us Feel Something

Don't intellectualize the material, emotionalize it.  As an actor, the only thing you can play is emotions. It’s the only thing the audience responds to, really.  You think we’re attracted to hot bodies?  No. We’re attracted to a strong emotional inner life.  

4 Free Things an Actor Can Do to Improve

“Just as an athlete has to workout every day, a writer has to write every day, and a musician needs to practice scales, an actor needs to practice in front of a camera on a regular basis. That camera will be the bane of your existence in auditions and on sets unless you can be completely comfortable and reveal your true emotional life in front of it”

Mastering Acting

“Masters” do not get impatient with the notion of “making it.” They just practice what they love, day in and day out, whether they are “feeling it” or not.  I contend that you will more likely make it when you completely give up the notion of making it.   Besides, what is making it?

Discover Yourself

”I’ve come to realize, because of all the hours I’ve spent in that room, that the key ingredients to the Art of Charisma are  self-knowledge (with self-acceptance) and balance.  In order to tap into the full power of your individual charisma,  you absolutely must know who you are and then have the ability to reveal that true self in The Room.  If you aren’t brave enough to look deep within in order to truly know and accept who you are, then you most likely won’t be a very good actor.”