My Name is Cathy Reinking . . .

I've been working as a Casting Director since the early '90s, working on FrasierArrested DevelopmentAccording to Jim, and many other shows and pilots on NBC, CBS, ABC, The CW, Fox.  I  also served as NBC's Manager of Casting, overseeing many pilots including "The Office," and I  hold a degree in theatre arts from UCLA, where I graduated magna cum laude. 

I've spent 24 years in the trenches of casting, meaning, I've directed and helped thousands of actors get work.   I know what writer-producer-directors at the top echelons look for.  I  know first-hand the standards actors have to strive for in order to book paying jobs in TV, film, and streaming that pay enough money for you to be able to quit your day job.  I also see and hear the stupid things actors say, do, email, post and shoot, that can do you harm in your first interactions with folks who have the potential to help you.

Let me help you.  I  love actors. Genuinely admire and love performers, all are essential elements of our society and civilization. A world void of all actors would be a drab, soulless place indeed.

Say Hey!      cathy@youritfactor.net

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