Create Your Own Content Class

Create Your Own Content Class


Class starts in MARCH, day and time of class TBD dependent on the particular group.

$200 / 4 classes (with 8 class commitment) -

Location: Atlanta, GA

This is an exclusive class strictly limited to 4 advanced actors, who all want to take their career to the next level, taught by a veteran casting director who constantly creates her own content :) You keep hearing “actors have to create their own content” and it’s true. To be a working actor, it’s not just about nailing your auditions. The acting doesn’t take place when you are auditioning, it takes place when you are stretching yourself and creating roles for you that reveal the real you. Creating Content could mean creating comedy shorts monthly, it could mean creating and doing stand up, it could mean creating and performing a one-person show, it could mean anything, really. This special class will help you figure out what to do and keep you accountable for all the steps. This class will also keep your acting skills at their best and offer a safe place to test out new content. It can be whatever the 5 of us decide upon.

$200 per month, commitment of a least two months.

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Testimony from Adena Brumer, Performer in Atlanta

"Taking this class has broken me open.  It has been terrifying and extraordinary at the same time.  I have never thought of creating my own content and now it is a possibility.  But the most astonishing discovery has been the other participants in the class.  These ladies are smart, talented, hilarious, and brilliant.  They are why I want to write.  They are why I want to collaborate.  They are why I want to discover more about myself."