Mastermind for Actors

Mastermind for Actors


6 month commitment to the Actor Mastermind YOUR IT FACTOR Team.


Limited to 4 participants.

Includes remote conference call via Audio Bridge twice a month (day and time TBD), possible live meetings, and unlimited email Q & A by facilitator (ME!)

The Mastermind Group will participate in two “audio bridge” conference calls a month, lasting 60-90 minutes, time and date TBD based on the participants schedules, as well as possible live gatherings to be held throughout the 6 month period.

We’ll discuss the issues facing a working actor and content creator today.   You’ll be inspired by what is possible, reminding you of what you are capable of and how you can act on it now.  This community will include leaders in the Industry just like you.  Together, we will be able to achieve things we couldn’t do on our own.  This is a group of peers who are unique, creative, and ambitious, producing results that other groups cannot.  All together, we’ll create an environment where the level of elevated understanding and enthusiasm will galvanize, mobilize and propel us all toward enormous potential. 

If you are looking for accountability, enthusiasm, hope, support, community, inspiration, practical advice, and activism, this is your group.

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“Working with Cathy Reinking in her “Mastermind” online coaching has opened my eyes to new possibilities. To have a veteran casting director’s perspective is invaluable. Cathy has shared knowledge with me that I would have never learned otherwise had it not been for this course. We have worked on acting techniques, self-tape guidelines, the business aspect of being a working actress, and so much more. In this era, actors are expected to be go-getters who not only book, but also create their own content. Her out-of-the-box thinking has also helped me brainstorm projects that I can create on my own. Not to mention, Cathy is down to earth and easy to work with. A lot of times as actors, we put casting directors in their own outside world, not realizing that they are human too. Cathy is relatable, insightful, kind yet also direct in her approach. With her experience, she knows what it’s like behind the casting table. I am forever grateful in working with a casting director of this caliber, who also relates to her students and encourages them to push beyond their own boundaries and limitations. Thank you, Cathy!!”

Shani Hamilton, LA, currently in Hong Kong in a show